Pay It Forward Projects!

The CCCF is strongly committed to the ideal of “Paying it Forward.”  Therefore, each application must contain a plan to complete a community service project. We believe that giving back to our communities is something we’re all called to do.    We want to encourage in the students of our schools, as well—to “Pay Forward” through their actions a sense of what they’ve received and what they can offer others.  We hope, through the financial support of the CCCF and the “pay it forward” model, to further develop the strong bonds of our community and send the spirit of giving into the future. We ask that those submitting grant applications also consider how the group benefiting from the grant can “pay it forward” through a related activity.  For example, if an application proposes a project to buy any icemaker for an athletic team, a way to “Pay It Forward” might be to host an afternoon sports clinic for elementary school students.  Or if an application proposes to take a group of students to an environmental learning center, a way to “Pay It Forward” might be to have the students lead a Saturday clean-up effort.  Or, if a project proposes to support student participation in a musical event, a way to “Pay It Forward” might be to have those students perform a concert at a senior facility.

Some past Pay It Forward Projects:

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