2022 Spring Grant Award Recipients

  • Flexible Seating- Cochranton Elementary School- Grade 1/ Shyra Clayton
  • Music is Grand with Modern Band- MAMS- MASH Music Dept. /Molly Moyer
  • Flexible Seating – Second District Elementary School- Grade 1/ Dustin Castiglione

2021 Fall Grant Award Recipients

  • Updating and Expanding the Native American Book Collection- First District Elementary School Library / Beth Heuchert
  • MASH Softball Uniforms – MASH Softball Boosters / Kaylene Carson-Say
  • Nuvo Music Instruments- Second District Elementary School / Traci Balsamo
  • MASH Boys Volleyball Uniforms – MASH / Nick Bancroft
  • Jump Rope Club – First District Elementary School / Michele Handel and Tammi Costello
  • “Chillville” Weighted Blankets – First District Elementary School / Sabrina Richards

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